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Incident Response Plan


It’s Not a Matter of If, But When 

We help organizations work through specific malicious events, avoid further damages, reduce recovery time, and mitigate cybersecurity risk.



Preparedness & Identification

Maintain an always up-to-date inventory of IT assets, conduct a risk assessment, and create a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Detection & Alerts

The detection of potential threats and cybersecurity events promptly is critical to mitigating damages to an organization.

Communication Plan

Working with internal team and external partners and clients to notify the impact of the incident. 

Recovery Plan

A plan of actions to help your business recover from an incident and ensure a breach doesn’t happen again. To learn more about Breach Response, go here


Preventing Data Loss

Black Bottle IT encourages business leaders to be proactive, embrace and ensure that their teams takes part in the execution of the Incident Response Plan before it’s too late.



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