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Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Fully Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training

What if your employees trained for just five minutes a day, what a difference it can make to your security posture!

Industry Compliances

Easy, Fun Mobile Training

Current Cybersecurity Topics

Phishing Campaigns

Cyber Insurance Requirement

Dedicated Security Consultant

Customized Training Schedule


Preventing Data Loss

Not convinced?  Give us up to 10 Emails, and we will set you up with a Ransomware Cybersecurity Training Module and Phishing Email Simulation at no cost for the first month!

Employees Can Train On-the-Go from Mobile Devices 


  • Black Bottle IT will manage the phishing simulation campaigns and report results. 
  • Monthly campaigns created and managed by a dedicated security consultant
  • A mix of phishing simulation emails and interactive educational materials will be sent directly to the training participant.
  • Standard reports will be available so that you can share them with each of your participating employees.
  • Based on the results of the phishing simulation, customized education will be provided to each employee.
  • Black Bottle IT’s  Security Awareness Training will fulfill regulatory compliance requirements of most standards such as NIST, HIPAA, SOC2, etc.
Black Bottle IT Cybsersecurity Training

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