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Gain Control Over Your Data with Continuous Monitoring

Organizations require continuous monitoring for various reasons that may include security, compliances, vendor risk management, and simply… continued business growth.

We aim to mitigate attacks before they affect your bottom line with proactive, around-the-clock surveillance of networks, hardware, and software for threat and breach detection and incident response.

Real-time Visibility into your IT Environment

365x24x7 Real-time Alerts

Addresses Regulatory Risks

Software Agent

Servers are Included

Dedicated Security Consultant


Preventing Data Loss

Criminals never sleep. They are always lurking around, trying to find ways to gain unauthorized access to your environment. Will your team respond fast enough when and if a cyber attack happens?  Let’s help explain how continuous monitoring works and formalize it into a better Cybersecurity Plan. 


Why Our Process Works!

Black Bottle IT Threat Detection

There are numerous tools and methods for testing out your cyber defense and systems testing is a continuous cycle — never a one and done. 

At Black Bottle IT, we lead with:

  • Network penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Simulated attacks and controlled hacks
  • Tabletop exercises and scenarios
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