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Cyber Risk Assessment


Analyzing Cyber Risk

The first step in a cyber risk assessment is simply the acknowledgement of wanting to understand the cyber posture of your business.  Second step includes your ability to protect its information and information systems from cyber threats.  That’s where Black Bottle IT comes in and helps! 

Snap shot of Cyber Rick Assessment that we use:

Black Bottle IT Assessment

Sensitive Data

We help you to determine what sensitive data resides in your IT Systems.

Employee Risk

Who has access to the data in your organization… most important to know as you shift toward a risk management framework. 

Third-Party Vendor Risk

It’s important to analyze critical third-party vendors with access to client data.

Computer Infrastructure Risk

How do you evaluate employee cyber security awareness; what is your security awareness vision?


Benefits of a Cyber Risk Assessment

1. Detecting risk before it happens is what is most important.

2. What is your organization’s risk posture? Your ownership needs a proactive approach to vulnerability management with a comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan. 

It’s time to prioritize and mitigate risks discovered during your assessments.


Cyber Risk Assessment


Key steps in the process are to create a team, identify devices (including servers, clients/customers, employees, and more), data and users, and then assess risk

Why carry out a cybersecurity risk assessment?

Documenting the risk assessment process enables organizations to prove the governance necessary for compliance purposes. It also ensures that the organization has an established and repeatable processes for cybersecurity risk management and identification.

Cybersecurity risk assessment consulting

Conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment is a complex process that requires considerable planning and specialist knowledge. Without expert guidance, this can only be worked out through trial and error.


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