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Cybersecurity You Can Trust

We understand that your reputation is everything.

That’s why at Black Bottle IT, we assess your cyber risk today and bring extensive experience to secure your business for tomorrow.


What We Do

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Everyone in your organization has a role to play to improve cyber posture! It’s our job to identify any vulnerabilities, assess potential cyber threats, and define a course of action. 

Cybersecurity Strategy

We improve cyber awareness with all employees (1), define an incident response plan and policy (2), and enhance stronger defenses like MFA & EDR (3); it’s our cybersecurity three-legged stool.

Implement, Monitor & Test

As cyber criminals never sleep, our process never rests.  We implement better security practices, then monitor and test, and update often. We are on alert 365, 24×7!

Compliance Management

Loss of business and reputational damage — two bad outcomes when industry compliances such as NIST and PCI are not met. We develop compliance roadmaps to keep your business moving. 

Cloud Services

We move entire IT infrastructures, emails, applications, and phone systems to AWS to give our clients better cybersecurity, scalability, and agility than they’ve ever experienced before.

Our team of cybersecurity experts will protect your data and work diligently to prevent it from being lost or stolen. And, we are on your team, never to have cybersecurity excluded from agendas again. 

An Integrated Process.

All phases of a good Cybersecurity Plan interact with each other. Black Bottle IT ensures a process that closes the loop, protecting your business from new and mighty cybersecurity threats.


Cybersecurity Consulting

Let’s talk about your risk!

Reputational Loss.  IP Loss.  Legal Expenses. Time Loss.  We don’t need to go any further to make the point that data breaches ruin businesses.

Black Bottle IT reduces risks and consequences for an organization should it face a cyber attack. We quickly secure your business’s architecture, prioritize, align resources, and create ROI.

When you connect with our Cybersecurity Consultants, you will leverage our A team. We aim to reduce your security and compliance costs and save you time and money, all while managing risk more efficiently.

Get a Complimentary Security Consultation Now

Meet with a Black Bottle IT security expert to discuss your most pressing cyber challenges. We’ll offer you some advice and share how we can help today and tomorrow!


Cybersecurity Services

Email Security Bundle

Black Bottle IT provides cloud-based email security with advanced email threat protection.

Real-time Security Monitoring

We can continue to utilize a multi-layer approach to securing networks, protecting them from nasty threats with real-time monitoring. 

Cybersecurity Employee Training

From phishing email practice modules to understanding ransomware, our 10-minute training modules can provide as little or as much as needed for your team to protect their data your company’s data.

Breach Hotline Breach Response

We will remedy the current breach.  And, if necessary, add additional layers of security to protect your business from future attacks.

External/Internal Vulnerability Scan

Dependent on the findings, we will remediate, and discuss the vulnerabilities.

You will understand the roles and responsibilities should an incident take place when your organization has an Incident Response Plan for promptly addressing any security incidents and data breaches.  

Connecting All the Pieces in a Complex Landscape, So You Can Focus On Your Business

If you are asking, “Is Our Business Doing Enough,” the grey areas may mean that good is not enough. There is too much at stake.  Let Black Bottle IT help close the gaps between IT and Security and the rest of your business to improve your cyber posture.

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What People Are Saying

We interviewed several IT service providers during our search, and Black Bottle came out on top in many ways. Not only is their pricing very competitive, the leadership team is very professional and has delivered on their commitments.

Sharon Seitam

Operations Manager, Trying Together

Our organization is confident Black Bottle IT possesses the expertise, responsiveness, and forward-thinking to keep our business operations ahead of our competitors to sustain rapid growth.

Matthew Half

President, Providence Health

It puts my mind at ease to know that my business is protected in case a cyber criminal strikes. The expertise and responsiveness of the Black Bottle IT Team is the best.

S. Andrew Wright

Founder/President, ProTect-All Solutions; P1 Leadership

Providing peace of mind for our clients is what Black Bottle IT does best.  Our team counts on the the team of experts along with the Breach Hotline to help our clients with breach detection and a plan for remediation.

Reid Wellock

President, FifthWall Solutions

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