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Vendor Monitoring

Vendor Cybersecurity Facts

Data from SecurityScorecard & Black Kite Research, 2022

A total of 98% of organizations worldwide have integrations with at least one third-party vendor that has been breached in the last two years

Third-party vendors are five times more likely to exhibit poor security

Half of organizations have indirect links to at least 200 fourth-party vendors that have suffered prior breaches.

Ransomware accounted for 27% of third party breaches in 2022

Most common vector of these attacks was unauthorized network access, accounting for 40% of the incidents

Unauthorized network access often is due to phishing, stolen credentials or vulnerabilities in access control

Mitigate Vendor Risk

Black Bottle IT Vendor Management

Reduce Vendor Risk

Do you pick your vendors based on their security posture?  It should be one of the leading factors that you consider!

According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 62% of system intrusion incidents were derived from vendors.


Does your business have a process to audit third-party vendors for their cybersecurity resilience before sharing sensitive information?


Does your business verify that your third parties have implemented strong third-party risk cybersecurity monitoring and plans?

Define Requirements

Your business will want to define cybersecurity risk expectations and requirements with your vendors.


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