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Breach Response

When an Attack Happens

Common questions to determine if an incident is an actual breach – incident being the precursor to a breach or confirmation that a bad actor has access to your data.

Was any data compromised?

Black Bottle IT provides cloud-based email security with advanced email threat protection.

Who tried to access the data?

Black Bottle IT provides cloud-based email security with advanced email threat protection.

Was the criminal successful?

Did the cyber criminal gain access to personal or company data?

How was the incident mitigated?

If you can react quickly and stop the attack, retrieve the data, the situation can be labeled an incident rather than a breach.

When a Breach Happens, We are Here

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, Black Bottle IT navigates through Breach Response, which includes:

  • Investigation
  • Quarterback Breach Response
  • Third-party Legal/Forensics/Insurance
  • Recover/Fill in the Cybersecurity Gaps
Black Bottle IT Monitoring


Common Types of Breaches


Real-time protection against ransomware encryption. These solutions will detect ransomware fast and safely, suspend the ransom, and allow Black Bottle IT analysts to confirm the ransomware is an actual attack and then remove the malicious software. 

Credential Compromise

In a credential stuffing attack, attackers attempt to reuse credentials compromised in a previous breach to log in to another website or application.  Black Bottle IT works with companies to employ the best email security; password vaults help users create different passwords for each use, for example, and store and use passwords safely.

Phishing attacks

Employees are the most significant attack vector, posing the most considerable cybersecurity risk to all businesses.  Cybersecurity Employee Training is imperative to teach employees the common mistake of clicking on bad-actor emails. 

Employees are the largest attack vector; continue here to learn why!

Third-Party Vendor Compromise

No organization — profit or non-profit, small or large is exempt from breaches due to a lack of cybersecurity policies and procedures with vendors. Ultimately, these attacks threaten supply chains, sometimes sullying relationships between companies and their suppliers.


Learn more about breaches that came through on the Black Bottle IT Breach Hotline, here.

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