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Payroll professionals, CPAs, and tax preparers need high-level planning and third-party execution expertise to develop company-wide cybersecurity programs that identify new and existing risks and vulnerabilities, prioritize them, and create a plan to fix, enhance, and train staff.

A WISP, outlined in the FTC Safeguards Rule, may be required, but remember, cybersecurity is only effective with the continued execution of the best cybersecurity implementation!

Questions only you can answer about Your WISP Plan

Your WISP can’t just sit on a shelf!

  • Have you performed an Annual Risk Assessment?
  • Do you have an Incident Response Plan, and have you TESTED IT?
  • Has your organization implemented Advanced Security Controls?
  • Do you have a Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program?
  • Who is your CISO; one must be identified in WISP!
  • Do you know what systems contain sensitive client data and how it’s protected?
  • What’s your process to communicate your plan?

There’s no time for sleeping. Failure to comply could subject your organization to legal liability, penalties, and fines.

Let’s Dive a Bit Deeper with AV & EDR: A Better Core Control 

Traditional Anti-Virus or AV

  • Can only detect previously known threats
  • Minimal to no data collection
  • Minimal to no added features or benefits

Endpoint Detection & Response of EDR

  • Can detect previously known and UNKNOWN threats due to behavioral-based monitoring
  • Complex and detailed endpoint data collection
  • Added benefits include application monitoring  threat-hunting capabilities and advanced reporting

Wouldn’t knowing at which bend in the road your business would encounter a breach be nice?

Your preparedness may then include:

  • An updated WISP or Incident Response Plan
  • Employees would be up-to-date on training
  • MFA on every device and application
  • 24×7 monitoring of all systems and endpoints
  • A better Cyber Insurance  policy

As a whole industry, we are getting better at training! Keep up your Cybersecurity Awareness Training!  According to the Verizon Report, breaches caused by human errors are down 8% from last year! Bad actors are interested in your data but really interested in your MONEY!

Payroll Companies are a lucrative business for hackers. We will help your organization meet compliance and become cyber-resilient. To get started, contact Black Bottle IT today We have a bench of cyber analysts ready to fight!