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About 94% of businesses already use a Cloud service, and 35% of those who do not are projected to implement these frameworks in 2021. This means that you will need to invest in the benefits of Cloud computing if you want to remain ahead of your competitors.

But what are the benefits of using the Cloud, exactly? Read on to learn some of the biggest advantages.


Makes Your Business More Scalable

First and foremost, using the Cloud makes your business significantly more scaleable than it otherwise would be. You can increase your workload with existing hardware extremely easily because the information is stored over an online network. You do not need to purchase more hardware for storage when your business inevitably expands.


Virtualization means that you can have unlimited resources that can be scaled up or down depending on the direction that your business operations are moving. You can also use the Cloud to move applications and workloads to different servers or host them on many different servers at once.

This means greater flexibility for your business. Your growth can be much more stable and long-term than it would be with a hardware-based system.


Using the Cloud Means Flexible Access

Currently, about 50% of people use the internet on their mobile devices more often than on computers. By 2025, it’s estimated that about 72.6% of people will be accessing the web exclusively from Smartphones. Cloud storage supports this shift because people can access the information stored on it from any device at any time.

This means that people can get their work information on their Smartphones, tablets, and desktops if they need to work remotely. It also means that they have greater access to data and applications that speed up work-related processes so they don’t need to improvise less useful solutions when working on the go.


Convenience and Instant Backups

Fully managed IT solutions give you unlimited Cloud storage, but they also give you unlimited backups and maintenance. You therefore won’t need to invest time and energy in performing backups and upgrades. They will be completed for you- all you will need to do is research and learn about the upgrades, which you can always ask our experts about.


This will let you create a consistent tech budget and boost your productivity. You will not have as high of IT operating costs as you otherwise would and therefore can invest more money into marketing efforts and core products.


Cloud storage solutions also have great disaster recovery solutions to ensure that you do not lose information to hackers, malware, or user mistakes. This is used in conjunction with a well-encrypted security framework. You will not need to worry about security when you choose to work with us because we are well versed in data safety and protection.


Get Started With Cloud Services Today

Now that you know some of the main benefits of using the Cloud to boost your business, it’s time to start upgrading your online scalability and mobility. Contact us to discuss the top Cloud performing services on the market. Our experts are happy to assist you with all of your data storage and use needs so that you can keep your information safe.


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