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As a law firm, you think a lot about issues of privacy and security. You conduct confidential conversations with clients, ensure paperwork is handled in the most secure way possible, and protect your clients’ information at every turn. But what would you say if we told you your data could be stolen despite the strongest locks or most secure confidentiality measures? 


Lawyers tend to be at greater risk of experiencing cyber threats. Read on to learn why and what you can do to protect yourself and your firm from these attacks.


Why Cyber Security Matters


Before we dive into cyber threats for law firms, let’s talk some about why cybersecurity matters. These days, nearly every aspect of our lives is online. This includes banking information, mortgage payments, school information, even health data.


When you’re working with a client, you need them to know they can trust you with their sensitive data. A strong cybersecurity system will assure them that their information is safe with you. This can help you build a stronger attorney-client relationship with them moving forward.


Why Law Firms Are at Greater Risk


Unfortunately, law firms are at a greater risk for cyber-attacks because they handle such sensitive information. A breach would not only compromise your client’s data, but it would also compromise their trust in you. 


Some law firms allow their attorneys to work remotely. While convenient, this can represent further vulnerabilities to your system.


Many law firms are also running outdated or unsecured systems. If you’ve been in practice for a long time, you may still be in the process of switching over from paper to digital formats. And if you haven’t consulted with a cybersecurity expert, your firm and its data could be vulnerable to attacks. 


How You Can Protect Yourself


One of the first things you should do when you’re stepping up your cybersecurity measures is to use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication in every area of your system. This means that in addition to a strong password, you should require employees to answer a security question. They can also provide a form of biometric identification to access restricted areas. 



You may also want to look into putting breach policies in place. Having a pre-and post-breach policy and working with an MSP provider to monitor your network can help secure your system and your clients’ trust.


Black Bottle IT services can help you implement all these security measures and more to keep your clients’ information safe.


Protect Yourself from Cyber Threats


Cyber threats are a very real and dangerous part of our world today, especially for law firms. Keep your password systems up to date and secure and you’ll be much less vulnerable to these attacks. And look into hiring a company like Black Bottle IT to keep your clients’ data safe.


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