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How Likely will Your Business be Compromised without MFA?


MFA: strengthens your security posture and protects you from phishing attempts and compromised passwords.

According to Microsoft, your business is 99% less likely to get hacked with MFA implemented.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the ideal time to implement MFA.

When we hear that MFA is annoying, expensive or not secure, our answer is, “Is a breach not more annoying as it will most likely shut down your business for a period of time, costing your business thousands of dollars¬† And, how’s about your reputation with customers?”

Black Bottle IT offers MFA as part of our comprehensive solution to make implementing it fast, easy, and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes. We aim to make MFA easy and affordable so that it becomes pervasive and every organization can benefit from the added protection.

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