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3 Reasons Why Network Security Is an Investment

3 Reasons Why Network Security Is an Investment

The Business owners traditionally think in terms of ​profit and loss​. Things that generate  enough revenue that they yield a profit are good.

Expenses or activities that yield a loss are bad. Many business owners view network  security as falling firmly in the expense category, which makes it bad in their view.


This perception of network security as an expense can prove dangerous for business  owners. Let’s dive in and take a look at why network security is an investment, rather than an expense.


1. Network Devices Are Everywhere


There is a good chance that most devices at your business connect to or run on a  network. Some of your core operations may even run off cloud-based applications.


For example, let’s say your store uses a cloud-based point-of-sale system. What  happens if a network intrusion disrupts that application? Your sales grind to a halt until it gets fixed.


What happens if an outside party disrupts all of the network connections to every  device? In a worst-case scenario, your entire business grinds to a halt.


Poor network security can cost you a lot of money. Good network security providers  include ​network penetration testing​ to help you avoid these kinds of problems and the financial losses that come with them.



2. The Human Factor


You can bring a network security engineer for security testing. You can create a  randomized alphanumeric network security key. You can install mighty network firewall security.


Yet, human beings represent ​the major threat​ to your network security. Good network  security includes good cybersecurity training for all employees. It creates a security-minded culture.


The money you spend on training will stop breaches and prevent viruses or malware  from ever getting onto your network in the first place. That will save you more money than you ever spend.



3. Working from Home Creates Risks


Your employees are assets in most cases. With ​42% of people​ clocking in from their  home networks, they can also prove an Achilles’ Heel.


You exert tremendous control over what happens on your business network. You can  ensure security software is on every device and updated.


When people log in from their home, it exposes your network to anything untoward on  those home computers or networks. Someone could introduce a macro virus just by sharing the wrong Word document.


Robust network security proves its investment value here by protecting your business  network and data. Every problem it prevents from home networks saves you lost productivity and even spares you fines from data breaches.


Network Security Is an Investment


Network security will never end up a profit center for a normal business. That doesn’t  make it an expense.


Ever time network security prevents a database breach or keeps your cloud-based POS  system online, it’s profitable. In the first case, you don’t lose the money a breach always costs. In the second case, you actually make money you.


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