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Are Your Employees Secure Working at Home?

Are Your Employees Secure Working at Home?


Both COVID-19 and changes in business and technology have several people today working remotely. When you’re punching the clock in your home office instead of your company’s office, you need to ramp up your cybersecurity and your overall safety. 


So what tips should you put to use?


Work at home in peace and full safety by following the tips in this article. 



Invest in a Quality Virtual Private Network (VPN)


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a necessity no matter what sort of information you send and receive. This refers to a third-party private tunnel that you connect to so that your actual Internet Protocol (IP) address are hidden. 


The VPN that you connect to lets you mimic IP addresses all over the planet so that prying eyes don’t find out your true location. 


Encrypt Your Home Network and Internet


Encryption is key for every part of your internet use. Something as seemingly small as your Wi-Fi network password is a huge decision. Choose a smart password that keeps outsiders from connecting. 


Maintain compliance standards with the type of encryption that you use. Compliance is especially critical if you hold a security clearance and now work remotely.


Get your home internet set up to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and Department of Defense (DOD) standards. Maintaining these standards will protect your data and sensitive information. 




Use Your E-Mail Wisely


You’ll also need some discretion with how you use e-mail. First and foremost, never open e-mails or click files from senders you don’t recognize. 


Phishing attacks are set up to trick you into clicking things you shouldn’t, which then steals your information or infects your machine. 


Even platforms like Twitter have experienced widespread, high-profile phishing attacks that garnered headlines. E-mail is vulnerable to hacks, so change your password regularly and remain mindful and aware of every e-mail you send and receive. 




Adopt a Professional Quality Malware and Anti-Virus Software


Putting some good cybersecurity software to use can secure your home network better than just about anything else. 


You need a quality, consistent way to sweep your devices of malware and viruses. Treat these malware sweeps the same way that you treat things like oil changes and inspections. 


Some malware lies dormant or discreet on your machines, making it difficult to immediately notice. Running a sweep to quarantine or get rid of these attacks can spare you thousands of dollars in damage and harm in the long-run. 


Make certain that your software is professional grade so you achieve the highest standard of protection. 




Work With an Information Technology (IT) Professional to Secure Your Hardware


You’ll get more out of your home cybersecurity with the help of an information technology (IT) professional. 


Work with these professionals so that they can set the standard of cybersecurity with your home office setup. They can send you devices that are already cleaned, secured, and preconfigured to stand up to even the toughest breaches. 


Using a device that a professional IT contractor has already configured will give you the best safety when you work from home. 




Work at Home Safely and Securely With These Tips 


Let these work at home tips help you keep your home office as secure as possible. It’ll save you lots of stress and money, and will keep your business running smoothly. 




We’d be happy to help you achieve these high safety standards.