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The More Cybersecurity Changes The More it Remains the Same

The More Cybersecurity Changes The More it Remains the Same

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” means that despite apparent changes or advancements, certain fundamental aspects or patterns remain unchanged over time. One could relate this to cybersecurity.

  • Cyberattacks cost impacted organizations thousands, if not millions, of dollars.
  • Cybersecurity is a critical element of homeland security after 9-11.
  • Ransomware and phishing have always been pervasive.
  • Since on-premise storage still exists for some businesses, despite the rise of cloud computing, monitoring and protecting data will remain an important part of any security execution plan.

Gartner reports that 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025 and will not be able to fully execute their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native architectures and technologies. (May 2023)

Three Key Cybersecurity Focal Points that Will Remain the Same for Foreseeable Future

Rise in Cybersecurity Regulations:

Governments and regulatory bodies were expected to enhance and introduce new cybersecurity regulations to address the evolving threat landscape and protect sensitive data.

Focus on Cloud Security:

With the increasing adoption of cloud services, there was a growing emphasis on securing cloud environments. This includes implementing robust identity and access management, encryption, and monitoring.

Enhanced Endpoint Security:

As remote work became more prevalent, securing endpoints (devices used by employees) gained importance. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions were expected to evolve.


This year, we will learn more about AI and machine learning techniques to improve response efficiency.

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What Does Cybercrime Look Like

What Does Cybercrime Look Like

Have you gone phishing lately? It’s beginning to look a lot like cybercrime is just around the corner.  But what does cybercrime look like? And, how will you know if cybercrime will impact your business?

The number one question our team at Black Bottle IT receives is, “Will my business be impacted by cybercrime?”  The short answer is, “It is a question of when not if.” The short answer should encourage us all to learn a bit more about the most recent cybercrimes and their impact on small businesses. 

Email and Internet Fraud Scenarios

  • You receive an event email titled “Your Market Growth Strategy Webinar Is About To Start!” but don’t see this event on your calendar or recall registering.
  • You receive a voicemail message attachment via email through a notable telecom company, but your company doesn’t utilize its services.
  • You receive an email marked “high priority” from what appears to be your boss. He claims to be busy in a meeting and requires urgent action on your part to call a specific number.

These are examples of phishing that seem legitimate and often create a false sense of urgency, leading you as the user to click on a malicious link within the message or give away confidential organizational or personal information that can be used to infiltrate your company’s networks.

#1 Email and Internet Fraud: Phishing

Globally, 323,972 internet users fell victim to phishing attacks in 2021. This means half of the users who were a victim of cyber crime fell for a phishing.  


What’s Next?

Those who have personally lost money to a phishing scam typically file a police report with their local department and a fraud report with the FBI.  But what happens when one of your employees clicks on a phishing email and transfers a large payment for services away from your business’s bank account to a fraudulent one?  And then what if that incident turns into a breach that exposes your entire network? 

Cyber Insurance

Peace of mind for your business’s cybersecurity doesn’t come from quick fixes or turning a blind eye to digital threats strong enough to put you out of business. It all comes down to a total risk management solution that provides peace of mind.  What does this include:

  • Endpoint detection and response and segregated backups
  • Next-generation anti-virus
  • Multi-factor authentication everywhere
  • Cybersecurity training for employees 
  • A cyber insurance policy specifically for your industry, size, and risk

Get started with Cybersecurity Employee Awareness Training today!

The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness and Training for Employees

The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness and Training for Employees

The average cost of a data breach is a massive $8.19 million in the US. This cost means a data breach can spell disaster for any business, making cybersecurity a significant concern for businesses.


Assimilation of your staff in good cybersecurity practices is a must for any company in the modern era. Yet, what are the specific benefits of cybersecurity awareness? 


In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why cybersecurity training is of the utmost importance. Are you ready to learn more?

Then read on.


1. A Cost-Effective Solution to an Expensive Problem

As we’ve discussed, a data breach is expensive. There are a few different ways that you can try to prevent them, but the most cost-effective way to avoid them is by training your employees. 


A well-trained workforce will be able to recognize cyberattacks and social engineering attacks that they may otherwise not. The training is the most effective way to prevent a data breach and all its subsequent costs.


A well-trained workforce is a protected one. Think of training costs as a small investment today to prevent a more significant problem further down the road.


2. Ensure Compliance With Data Security Regulations


Data breaches aren’t the only issue that you need to worry about these days. Your customer’s data may fall under various regulations that you need to adhere to on their behalf.  These may include HIPAA and GDPR, depending on your industry.


Failure to comply with these regulations can have severe consequences, including fines. As these regulations are very complex, a thorough training regime is required to ensure compliance, and combining it with cybersecurity awareness is very cost-effective.


3. Enhance Your Business’ Reputation


Investing in cybersecurity can offer a significant boost to your company’s reputation. Demonstrating that you value your customers’ security is a valuable trait in today’s world.


It may also help you market your company: if you make a point of your company’s data security approach, clients will be more likely to trust you with their data. 


4. Your Employees Will Gain New Skills


Cross-training your employees comes with some fantastic benefits. When your employees understand cybersecurity to a greater level, they will solve the more simple and common problems that arise in day-to-day work.


This cross-training means that you may save money on your IT costs, too. If your staff understand cybersecurity best practices, they will feel more empowered and confident when working with sensitive information.


5. You Can Minimize Human Error


Human error is a big problem in cybersecurity, with human error accounting for a large proportion of data breaches. There is no need to be malicious intent by a third party: human error can lead to sensitive data being exposed or leaked without anyone else being involved.


Cybersecurity awareness minimizes human error, which cuts out a great deal of potential data breaches.


Cybersecurity Awareness Is Vital


Why should companies increase cybersecurity awareness among their employees? There is a vast range of benefits, including better security, a better reputation for your business, and a better skill set for your employees.


Cybersecurity awareness and training are of vital importance in today’s world. If you want to train your employees, we’re here to help. For more information and to discuss our services, get in touch with us today.